7 ways finance teams are driving ROI with Tableau

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Tableau helps Finance departments make their organization’s most important decisions: how they spend their time and resources. And they use Tableau to make finance analysis and reporting more efficient, get more insights and value out of their financial data, and increase their organization’s focus on its strategy and objectives. That means lower costs, more revenue, and a better bottom line for the organization. 

Efficiency Reporting

Better reports in less time. Visual, standardized and automated.

Identifying Fraud and Risk

Organizations save millions and prevents fraud with Tableau, so can you, see how.

Expense Reduction

Quickly identify and stop wasteful spending in cost centers like office supplies, travel, and expense.

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow summary dashboards help management understand what cash flows look like in aggregate.

Cost Avoidance

Intuitively identify challenges & opportunities in your business process.

Profitability and Growth

Analyze profitability and growth critical to strategic planning and decision-making.

Revenue Forecasting

Connect all of your data from different sources to serve as a primary source of truth.

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