Improve the Performance of your CaseWare Files

We want you to be able to quickly and easily clean up the unneeded mapping and grouping numbers in your file, so we built a tool to allow you to do just that.

Our Advanced Purge Tool supercharges Caseware Working Papers' purge functionality to:

  1. Choose any of the mapping or 10 grouping structures to clean up.
  2. Never delete a map/group number with adjustments related to it.
  3. Never delete a map/group number with any account allocated to it or any of its child map/group numbers.
  4. Check three years of historical balance data to determine if prior year adjustments should preclude deletion of a map/group number.
  5. Allow you to  retain calculated map numbers, or should apply the balance-checking logic to them.
  6. Define a “root” or “base” map number length that will always be retained.

And we are providing it to Caseware users for free. 

Complete the form, download tool and improve the speed of your large files today! 

Advanced Purge Tool Download