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What must you consider when selecting software to automate your Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Annual Report)?

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When evaluating Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Annual Report) automation software, it’s easy to get lost in a list of features or flashy marketing.  But which features do you really need?

You know that you need to pick a reliable vendor, but what does that mean? It is imperative that you select a software offering features that fit the needs of your organization today and one that easily scales as your needs evolve, but what are those key features?  Don't assume that if your reports are "standard" any tool marketed to tackle Annual Reporting will work well. 

In the last 20 years, we’ve helped hundreds of governments automate their Annual Reports. We want to share the benefit of this experience so we've put together an eBook with details of 30 of the most important requirements .  

Complete the form and we’ll send you the eBook, Selecting a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Automation Software. You can use it to see how your current or prospective solution(s) measure up in these categories: 

Data Gathering

What are the key features for importing ERP, budget & performance measure data?


Tools to ensure agreement and balancing across the entire Annual Report.


How can you be sure that the vendor has the appropriate knowledge & track record?


Tools to add & modify statements, schedules, & footnotes.


Features designed to generate a complete, professional product.

Implementation Team

What skills should the team implementing your solution have to increase likelihood of success?

Selecting a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Automation Software eBook