Understanding Your Options

Implementing Caseware Working Papers

Options to fit any scenario

Caseware Working Papers' features have convinced you of its ability to automate your complex reports. Quickly the question becomes, "Can we fit this into our budget?" As you might imagine, the budget for automating different reporting tasks can vary considerably based on numerous variables.

We do explain the variables below, but perhaps the easiest thing is to provide an example.

In our example, we present 3 of the most common approaches and associated fees. We should also point out that Self-Implementation may seem like a natural choice (it is the cheapest), but it may not be the right choice for your organization.

Note the following assumptions for this sample project:

  • Project - Annual Financial Statements.
  • Size of the report - 40 pages.
  • Graphic Design Complexity - Minimal. There is minimal use of graphs/pictures.
  • Repetition - Minimal. Little to no re-use opportunities exist.
  • Exactness of reproduction - Flexible. The prospective client is open to new presentations where it will improve usability & simplify maintenance.
  • Number of Users - 2.

Guided Self-Implementation


Software for 2 users

Standard training for 2 people

After training your team will implement all the advanced features of Caseware. 

25 hours of support from our Caseware Certified Consultants



  • considerable budget constraints
  • experienced (accounting & technology) staff with significant time to dedicate to the project

Joint Implementation


Software for 2 users

Standard training for 2 people

FHB prepares Statements & Schedules including all fonts, formats, content and linking to group codes. You prepare the notes

Unlimited Implementation support to the Champion until Go-Live

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  • budget constraints that prevent fully outsourcing the project
  • staff commitments / skills shortages which necessitate outsourcing portions of the implementation work
  • deadlines that prevent self-implementation



Software for 2 users

Standard training for 2 people

FHB development of nearly 100% of the full Financial Statements including all fonts, formats, content and linking to group codes

Unlimited Implementation support to Champion until Go-Live

Consultation respecting both the graphic design and the level of disclosure of your financial statements.

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  • staff commitments that necessitate outsourcing the majority of the implementation work
  • skills shortages that dictate outsourcing the implementation work
  • very tight deadlines that necessitate getting as much support as possible

Variables that affect implementation fees:

Project Details:

  • Size of report - There are numerous reasons to implement Working Papers. You might focus on automating simple year-end statements (30 - 40 pages). Or you may need to automate your much larger CAFR (200+ pages) or large Budget Book. Some choose to also automate their provincial/statewide reports at the same time.
  • Graphic design complexity- Some Budget Books make extensive use of images, graphing, shading, changes in orientation and font. Other reports are very professionally designed but do not require the same complex design elements. 
  • Repetition - Many large reports have significant repetition in format. For example, imagine using the same 4 schedules for each fund or fund group with some minor configuration for each instance. Those 4 schedules will power 200+ pages of your 300-page report. This repetition makes building the report much easier when compared to 200 pages where each page has a unique structure. 
  • Exactness of reproduction - you may have considerable flexibility when it comes to the look of the document  (fonts, formats, spacing etc.) so long as it is professional and easy to use. Others require much more stringent adherence to their current format. 
  • Number of users - In some finance departments, just one or two users directly use the Caseware environment, collecting and integrating the information from a larger team. Other departments have that large group of accounting professionals all using the software to directly contribute to the reports. Caseware solutions are licensed on a per-named-user basis. 

Division of Labor:

  • How much work is passed onto us? In a guided self-implementation our client does nearly all the work and our team provides training, guidance and direction only. Note that this approach may not work for your organization. This article discusses the items to evaluate if you are considering this approach. 

    Conversely, we are often engaged to build the budget book/statements including all fonts, formats, content and linking to group codes. Often we are even engaged to group accounts and reconcile to previously published statements, in addition to providing training and guidance.

Support Requirements:

  • Availability - Some clients have team members that have time that they can dedicate to the project, others have a hard time keeping up with the day-to-day operational projects due to staff shortages/vacancies/maternity leave etc.
  • Skills - Some teams have many professionals on staff that have worked through many previous year ends / budget book cycles. They have detailed knowledge of the process and your organization. Others do not. Some of our clients have members of their finance team that are very comfortable with technology. Some do not. 
  • Aftercare - Many of clients elect to have unlimited post go-live support for their champion to aid them through their future reporting cycles. Others opt to go for a time and materials approach instead.