See what Data Analytics & Monitoring will do for your organization!

Wonder what automation of data analytics and monitoring can do for your organization?

Our test drive is designed to demonstrate the benefit of the solution using your data and focusing on a business process that you choose.

We begin by discussing your current situation and challenges and the business process you are most concerned about. You then send us the relevant data and we'll run both standardized and up to 3 custom tests requested by your team. We'll prepare a detailed report and show you what we find.

The tests we perform will reflect your greatest concerns, but typical analytics include:

  • Gaps

  • Duplicates

  • Weekend and holiday transactions

  • Benford's Law

  • Profiling

Should you the test drive convince you of the benefits of data analytics & motioning and you elect to implement data analytics internally, we will provide the tests we built so you can immediately begin testing.

Ready to set up a test drive?  Click the image below or click here to schedule your test drive.  

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